SDWAN - Webhook Problem w/ a Certificate Error

Today a short post regarding webhooks on vManage. The actual setup is already described by Cisco and Suchandan Reddy (Technical Marketing Engineer - Cisco SD-WAN). I will mention that the setup of an e-mail server and address is no longer neccessary in versions > 20.3, however, the webhook server’s username and password should be filled in. I usually set it to ‘dummy’/‘dummy’ as most webservers will ignore this data if not required. [Read More]

SDWAN - Repair a vBond Sync Error

Another short entry to help those out who might run into a similar situation as I did this week. In the SD-WAN fabric, every once in a while the controller certificates need to be updated so that the cEdges and vEdges, but also the controllers themselves can authenticate one another. This week, I reconfigured the vManage to use the Cisco Automated using this CVD from Cisco. The process is relatively straight forward, but it’s important to update the cEdges and vEdges with a new root certificate so that they will successfully authenticate with the new Cisco issues certificates. [Read More]

SDWAN - LTE fail-over not working with TLOC extensions

A short entry today regarding the set up of LTE in Cisco SD-WAN with respect to the ISR1111 routers. For a client, I’m prepping a set of routers and for most branch locations, the ISPs provide an IP over DHCP on their WAN. Similarly, in our case most LTE carriers provide a dynamic IP as well. LTE is, be default, only useable as a fall-back solution. Because of how it functions, it will not work as expected when using a branch routers with a TLOC extension. [Read More]

Nexus 9k VPC (back to back) and FHRP setup in 2 data centers

This post describes the setup of VPCs on a data center interconnect and HSRP as the first hop redundancy protocol for the VLAN interfaces (SVIs). This configuration has been performed on a Nexus 93180YC-EX with software version 7.0(3)I7(8). The switches have the system default switchport command set, so all ports are switchports by default, but this does not matter for the setup. Background This configuration is for a setup where the current network “core” is a Catalyst 6500 in VSS mode with a chassis in each data center. [Read More]
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Cisco vEdge Cloud Certificate Installation

Like some of the other articles I’ve written, this serves mostly as a documentation page to myself. The last time I had to manually install a certificate on a vEdge cloud router was six months ago, so it’s something you easily forget. This guide was written for vEdge Cloud 18.3.3. Installing a vEdge Cloud router It’s fairly easy to install the vEdge Cloud router. There are images available for VMs in all the major clouds. [Read More]