About me

Axel Robbe

Network Engineer

Networking and IT experience since 2012, while working as a student. Since early 2016, I’ve been full time employed as a network engineer in various environments in both a project as well as an operational setting. I’ve worked as a consultant for numerous clients and have been able to get a taste of many different technologies and designs.

The goal is blog is on the one hand get a bit of visibility on my skills and experience. On the other hand, the main motivation has been the pain I’ve felt working in IT when there is a problem that you cannot find the answer to. A lack of (publicly accessible) information or little gotcha’s biting you in the butt, has prompted me to start writing, hoping that if nothing else, this one answer or blog on Google search might help you to get a step closer to fixing your problems. After all, sharing is caring.

What about the other content

Well, I have hobbies too. Outside of work I tend to tinker with technology, often messing around with my (IoT) setup. Keeping spending on useless IoT gear to a minimum while maximizing utility is a huge part of it and can be a lot of fun. This has ‘forced’ me to learn more about Linux (CentOS), hardware (raspberry Pis) and other networking gear (Juniper & Ubiquity). Sharing some information with the internet on these topics is part of the fun I guess.