SDWAN - Webhook Problem w/ a Certificate Error

Today a short post regarding webhooks on vManage. The actual setup is already described by Cisco and Suchandan Reddy (Technical Marketing Engineer - Cisco SD-WAN). I will mention that the setup of an e-mail server and address is no longer neccessary in versions > 20.3, however, the webhook server’s username and password should be filled in. I usually set it to ‘dummy’/‘dummy’ as most webservers will ignore this data if not required. [Read More]

SDWAN - Repair a vBond Sync Error

Another short entry to help those out who might run into a similar situation as I did this week. In the SD-WAN fabric, every once in a while the controller certificates need to be updated so that the cEdges and vEdges, but also the controllers themselves can authenticate one another. This week, I reconfigured the vManage to use the Cisco Automated using this CVD from Cisco. The process is relatively straight forward, but it’s important to update the cEdges and vEdges with a new root certificate so that they will successfully authenticate with the new Cisco issues certificates. [Read More]

SDWAN - LTE fail-over not working with TLOC extensions

A short entry today regarding the set up of LTE in Cisco SD-WAN with respect to the ISR1111 routers. For a client, I’m prepping a set of routers and for most branch locations, the ISPs provide an IP over DHCP on their WAN. Similarly, in our case most LTE carriers provide a dynamic IP as well. LTE is, be default, only useable as a fall-back solution. Because of how it functions, it will not work as expected when using a branch routers with a TLOC extension. [Read More]

Cisco vEdge Cloud Certificate Installation

Like some of the other articles I’ve written, this serves mostly as a documentation page to myself. The last time I had to manually install a certificate on a vEdge cloud router was six months ago, so it’s something you easily forget. This guide was written for vEdge Cloud 18.3.3. Installing a vEdge Cloud router It’s fairly easy to install the vEdge Cloud router. There are images available for VMs in all the major clouds. [Read More]