Ruckus Unleashed gateway mode setup: that thing Ruckus didn't tell you

Having problems setting up a gateway mode on Ruckus Unleashed access points that have a single RJ45 connector? You’re not the only one. During a test here in the office, I just found out that enabling Gateway Mode on the Unleashed Master during the setup makes it impossible to pair other new access points, even with Mesh enabled. The problem is that other new access points don’t have the meshing data just yet and since the master AP only possesses one UTP port, you cannot connect it any other way. [Read More]

Ruckus Unleashed APs disassociate from their master AP

In my first, technical post, I’d like to go a bit more in-depth on a technical issue I’ve encountered in my work. Working with Ruckus products, I’ve had my fair share of experience and troubles with the new Unleashed series. Unleashed is a product series that integrates a selection of zonedirector features into the APs, to allow for a cheaper network deployment. Unleashed is limited to 512 simultaneous clients and a maximum of 25 APs in the network. [Read More]