Network Automation Tools

Network automation was THE network topic of 2019, and perhaps for 2020 as well, although COVID-19 is a strong candidate as well. However, network automation not a new idea or technology. It’s becoming more prevalent in our networks through vendors (finally) adding more API support, but also products such as Cisco DNA Center, various SD-WAN products and so on; Networks with controllers that provide a programmatic interface. In the age of DevOps, everything needs an API and networking vendors are finally coming around to supporting it. [Read More]

VSCode for network engineers

I would like to share with you my favorite tool for my work available on Windows. Why favorite? Well, Linux and MacOS have all the other tools (iterm2 anyone?) that are not available on Windows so the competition is not that amazing. Apart from that, it must be said that VS Code is an absolute killer-app. A swiss army knife if you will of text editing, coding and syntax highlighting. I use this tool for almost anything except e-mail. [Read More]
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