Solarwinds queries repo

Today I would like to quickly point out that I’ve started to ‘open source’ some of my Solarwinds queries. I’ve noticed a lot of people on the web struggling with getting more out of this product. I’ve added a new (public) repo under my github profile that might help fellow network admins get a bit more useful info out of their Solarwinds instances. Solarwinds is a nice tool, but it’s definitely missing some very basic info regarding network devices. [Read More]

Solarwinds - Monitoring DMVPN

Again, this week a request for Solarwinds reporting utilizing some SQL knowledge on my part. The idea was to create a report on DMVPN connections. The build-in web reporter does a fairly decent job creating this report already. However, the IP addresses in this report do not reflect the actual interface addresses (or perhaps it’s an user issue ;) ). Query Solarwinds Start by opening and connecting to the Solarwinds database in SWQL Studio. [Read More]

Solarwinds - Duplicate switch stackmembers

This is a follow up post to the switchstack sql code from last week. Recently, I noticed issues with my CPU stack member reporting, which showed duplicates. It turns out that there were duplicate entries in the SwitchStackMember table through some problems with Orion recently (don’t ask me the details, I’m not the admin). The problem resulted in the same node and stackswitches having several unique stack id’s in this table, thus being reported several times. [Read More]

Solarwinds - Monitoring switch stacks

Today’s post is on using SQL queries in Solarwinds to get more detailed information on the frontpage on stackswitches. Solarwinds tends to average the memory and cpu utilization among all switches in a stack, but this does not always reflect the true statistics on the switches. Sustained CPU above 80% can lead to data packets being dropped. The queries are all build in SWQL studio on a Solarwinds server to verify the information that is returned. [Read More]